IoT Chain weekly report 2018 6.9 - 6.15

Jun 18, 2018

weekly report

Main chain

Unification of wire protocols [Done]
Network simulations [Done]
EVM and WASM implementation comparison[In-Progress]

Light nodes

Design of IoT demonstration plan on test net[Done]
Demonstration implementation


Number of token holders      13,728       +7.67%
Number of transactions       37,355       +3.66%
(Data source: Etherscan.io)


Number of registered users            95,679      +1.87%
Number of registered countries     130      +0.78%
(Data source: ITC Bounty System[beta])


Chinese Community

WeChat & QQ      7,936     -1.24%

Oversea Community

Telegram (English+Korean)     60,809     +2.08%
Reddit                                             1,287     +51.59%
Twitter                                            19,524     +3.52%

Community Activities

Contribute to the Telegram discussion and win bounty credits!

Share your opinions and participate in the discussion in our overseas Telegram channels. If you get a “like” from an administrator, you will be awarded with a redemption code worth 5 ITC bounty credits! For more details, check the latest tweets from ITC official Twitter @IoT_Chain.


IoT Chain (ITC) meetup activities in China - Shanghai

The ITC team will hold meetups in China beginning next week in Shanghai. We encourage ITC supporters and blockchain enthusiasts in the area to join us!

At this meetup, the team will share updates on the IoT Chain operations and technology, as well as discuss future plans for ITC. They will also discuss the importance of blockchain with IoT and analyze how ITC combines two innovative blockchain technologies. They will also host a live Q&A session.