IoT Chain weekly report 2018 6.9 - 6.15

Jun 27 , 2018

weekly report


Main chain

Macro generated type-safe server and client boilerplate [Done]
Cross-compiling for scala.js [Done]
Study of eWASM [In-Progress]

weekly report

Light nodes

Demonstration implementation


weekly report


IoT Chain invited to attend PNP Tech Week

On June 25th and 26th, the ITC team will be attending the Plug and Play (PNP) Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Week on invitation. The ITC team will present their project to leading brands including Visa, P&G, and Siemens, sharing the technical advantages of their blockchain and exploring opportunities to collaborate through ITC-based solutions.

ITC embarks on a China meetup tour?—?first stop, Shanghai

On June 23rd, the ITC team will hold the Shanghai stop of their China meetup tour where the team will share updates on operations, technology, and future planning with the audience. They will also discuss the harmony between IoT and blockchain, both buzzwords in today’s tech scene, and take questions from the community.


weekly report


weekly report

Community Activities

The “Share the Exclusive Interview for Rewards”Wechat campaign has ended successfully

The ITC Chinese community has successfully concluded theShare the Exclusive Interview for Rewardscampaign. Prizes have been arranged for delivery to winners, who are welcome to share their new ITC look!

The ITC campaign Collect Likes for Credits is live in Telegram

Members who share their thoughts and ideas in the official ITC English Telegram group will be awarded with 5 ITC bounty credits when their comments are “liked”by an administrator. The best comments will be re-posted on ITC’s official twitter account @IoT_Chain.

Join the event at: https://t.me/IoTChain


Meetup Featuring Martti Malmi, core member of original Satoshi Nakamoto Team

The First Blockchain Technology & Industrial Adoption Seminar

June 27th, 2018, Shanghai, China

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