IoT Chain weekly report 2018/6/30 - 2018/7/6

Jul 9, 2018

weekly report


Main chain

Virtual machine support [Done]

Light nodes

Bluetooth master-slave hybrid function implementation

Integrate the master and slave properties in the same chip/mobile phone so they can work in parallel.

Enable the same chip/mobile phone to connect multiple devices at the same time and perform data communication.


weekly report

Number of token holders 14,862 +0.73%

Number of transactions 39,433 +0.77%


weekly report

Chinese community

WeChat & QQ 7,693 -0.63%

Overseas community

Community Activities

Hold ITC to win T-shirt or hoodie

Hold ITC tokens for 90+ days for a chance to win ITC T-shirt or hoodie. Due to overwhelming demand to participate in the contest, all of ITC T-shirt or hoodie were claimed within 24 hours after the contest was launched.
weekly report


Win 300,000 TOKEN in World Cup Prize Quiz !

2018/7/5 - 7/15 ITC Chinese Community
weekly report

Win ITC during a live Q&A!

2018/7/11 - 7/13 Chinese Community

2018/7/12 English Community

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