ITC Progress Update 2018/7/7 - C2018/7/13

Jul 16, 2018

weekly report


Main chain

React-native cross-platform encryption key storage system [Done]

Virtual machine debugging [Done]

Secure kademlia node discovery protocol [Proposed]

Light nodes

Achieved the master-slave hybrid and enabled multiple node connections

Integrate the master and slave properties in the same chip/mobile phone so they can work at the same time.


weekly report

Number of token holders 16,114 +8.42%

Number of transactions 40,994 +3.96%

(Data source: Etherscan.io)


ITC invited to the 2018 Huobi Pro Exchange Meeting

weekly report

CEO Zhuopeng Xie

On July 10th, the IoT Chain team was invited to attend the 2018 Huobi Pro Exchange Meeting. ITC CEO Zhuopeng Xie and co-founder Xinhao Lyu met with Huobi founder Li Lin and other industry peers. Lin explained that choosing good projects is key to maintaining the exchange's competitive advantage. IoT Chain had previously won the "Best Performance Award in the Innovation Category" at the Huobi Global Partner Conference earlier this year.


weekly report

Chinese Community

WeChat & QQ 7670 -0.30%

Overseas Community

Telegram 63,210 +0.46%

Reddit 4,496 +13.62%

Twitter 20,541 +1.66%


Participate in the ITC Quiz and Win ITC Tokens

The ITC Quiz was held from July 11th to 13th at both their Chinese and Overseas communities.

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