ITC Progress Update 21/7/2018 - C27/7/2018

Jul 30, 2018

weekly report


Main chain

JSON-RPC: Interface definition and implementation of two main APIs [Done]

S/KAD Protocol: Securenode discovery protocol [Done]

Multi-currency wallet [Done]

Wallet: Redux for UI state and caching global state data [Done]

Light nodes

Completed the master-slave hybrid and enabled multiple node connections

Asymmetric ECC implementation algorithm for chips


weekly report

Number of token holders 16,595 +6.72%

Number of transactions 47,331 +12.58%

(Data source: Etherscan.io)


weekly report

Chinese Community

WeChat & QQ 7,610 -0.35%

Overseas Community

Telegram 62,633 -0.97%

Reddit 5,274 +7.24%

Twitter 20,579 +0.06%


Blockchain x Industry #3

1/8/2018 • Seoul, Korea
weekly report

2018 Huobi Carnival

2/8/2018 - 3/8/2018 • Seoul, Korea

weekly report


Multi-currency wallet

Provides digital wallet functions for different cryptocurrencies on multiple blockchains, such as ITC and ETH.

Reactive storage

A JavaScript library that supports cross-platform and local persistent storage.

Etherscan API

An Application Programming Interface (API) for querying information such as transaction data and account balances on the Ethereum blockchain.


Also known as Web3.js, Web3 is a JavaScript library provided by Ethereum. It is encapsulated within the Ethereum JSON-RPC API. It provides a series of JavaScript objects and functions that interact with the Ethereum blockchain, which can be used to query transactions and blocks and call smart contracts.

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