Huobi Carnival: IoT Chain Announces All Ethereum DApps can now be Completely Moved to IoT Chain

Aug 6,2018

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IoT Chain co-founder Lyu Xinhao delivered a keynote speech today at the Huobi Carnival event in South Korea in which he announced that all Ethereum DApps can now be completely moved to IoT Chain.

Xinhao shared the event’s stage with leading blockchain entrepreneurs including Bitmain founder Jihan Wu, FBG Capital Partner Richard Liu, LinkVC founder Jiapeng Lin, #Hashed CEO Simon Seojoon and GBIC Partner Sinhae Lee.

weekly report

The IoT Chain team provided a review of the project’s key developments and achievements over the past year, including the achievement of the basic blockchain structure of DAG, the PBFT consensus algorithm and that IoT Chain has been supported Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The team believes this means that all Ethereum DApps can now be completely moved to IoT Chain.

The Huobi Carnival is a two-day interactive event, involving over 100 blockchain projects, blockchain entrepreneurs, and attended by the Chairman of South Korea’s Blockchain Committee, members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea and the general public. IoT Chain is joining more than 25 blockchain projects in hosting a project booth where attendees experience an interactive paradise for digital token users.

The Huobi Carnival continues until 3rd August 2018.

*All technical details will be released on IoT Chain’s official Github soon. All are welcome to download the code and to take part in the technological exchange of ideas.

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