ITC Progress Update 28/7/2018-03/8/2018

Aug 6,2018

weekly report


Main chain

[Done] Encrypted handshake support

[Done] Add semantic and dynamic validators

[Done] Fix Android file system permission

[Done] React-native wallet


weekly report
Number of token holders 19181 +15.58%

Number of transactions 50624 +6.96%

(Data source: Etherscan.io)


weekly report

Chinese Community

WeChat & QQ 7344 -3.5%

Overseas Community

Telegram 62516 -0.19%

Reddit 5786 +9.71%

Twitter 20851 +1.32%


IoT Chain team invited to Blockchain x Industry #3 in Seoul

weekly report

The IoT Chain team was invited to Blockchain x Industry #3 in Seoul on August 1, 2018 to discuss with peers from China and Korea on the industrial application of blockchain technology in the Internet of Things, entertainment and other fields.

IoT Chain team invited to 2018 Huobi Carnival

weekly report

The IoT Chain team was invited to attend the 2018 Huobi Carnival held in Seoul, Korea from August 2-3, 2018. The IoT Chain team delivered a keynote speech at the Huobi Carnival, provided a review of the project's key developments and achievements over the past year and announced that all Ethereum DApps can now be completely moved to IoT Chain.

ITC Encyclopedia

Elliptic Curves Cryptography

Elliptic Curves Cryptography (ECC) is an asymmetric cryptography based on based on the algebraic structure of elliptic curves over finite fields. The encryption algorithm is irreversible. It is easy to calculate in one direction, but it cannot be reversed in the opposite direction. For example, the private key can generate the corresponding public key through the ECC operation, but the public key cannot reversely derive the private key.

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