ITC Progress Update 8/9/2018-14/9/2018

Sep 17,2018

weekly report


Main chain

[Done] Threshold signature

[Done] Basic block browser backend

[Done] Simulation network

[Done] Wallet

[Work In Progress]

Light Nodes

Functional test of NB-IoT chip (secondary development based on removable module bc35-g +STM32L4)


weekly report

Number of token holders 19300 -0.75%

Number of transactions 56140 2.06%

(Data source: Etherscan.io)


weekly report

Chinese Community

WeChat & QQ 7068 -1.02%

Overseas Community

Telegram 60791 -0.41%

Twitter 20863 1.03%

Reddit 7949 1.69%


Forward the pinned tweet on @itc_korea (Twitter ID) and win ITC tokens. (Korean community)

Recently, the ITC Korean community launched an activity to join the ITC Korean kakaotalk group and share tweets to be eligible for ITC tokens.

Activity Ending Time: 2018/9/28

ITC Logo Contest

Upload your own creative variation of the ITC logo to your social media accounts and tag IoT Chain and be in the running to win ITC tokens!


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