ITC Progress Update 22/9/2018-28/9/2018

Oct 8,2018

Due to China's National Day Holiday (October 1-7), the next weekly report will be pushed back one week. Thanks for your understanding.
weekly report


[Done] Block and transaction browser front-end (cross compiled Scala.js)

[Done] Add tie-breaker difficulty for consensus

[Done] Optimization for concurrent block execution

[Done] Wallet

Light Nodes

Functional test of NB-IoT chip (secondary development based on removable module BC35-G+STM32L4)


weekly report
Number of transactions 57232 +1.13%

Number of token holders 19427 +0.12%

(Data source: Etherscan.io)


weekly report

Chinese Community

WeChat & QQ 7034 +0.29%

Overseas Community

Telegram 58692 -2.27%

Twitter 20696 +0.04%

Reddit 8049 +0.50%


ITC attended an IoT blockchain applications meetup in Taiwan

weekly report
weekly report
The ITC team attended the OKEx Taiwan offline communication meetup on Sept 28, 2018. At the event, the ITC team delivered the keynote speech "IoT Chain technology and application". They shared blockchain solutions in vaccine cold chain traceability, supply chain finance, photovoltaic energy and car networking to jointly explore the application and development of Internet of things in blockchain with developers and investors in Taiwan.


ITC Logo Contest

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all participants!
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1st-place winner

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