IoT Chain Announces Node Recruitment

Dec 12,2018

Node Recruitment

Official Announcement:

IoT Chain begins node recruitment on Dec 19 2018 (Weds) to Feb 19 2019 (Tues).

The details of the node recruitment are found below:

IoT Chain Node's Tasks

The role of the node is to

Node Incentive Model

Transaction fee estimate:

IoT Chain Incentive Pool

Consensus node revenue estimates of Incentive pool

For example, in the 1st year, the incentive pool receives a total of 5,000,000 ITC, and in the 2nd year, it will be 4,500,000 ITC (= 5,000,000 * 90%). The decrement of incentive pool amount follows this rule for all subsequent years. In the 1st year, with a minimum staking of 100,000 ITC (and using average annualized rate of return of approximately 23.8%), each node can receive a reward of 23,809 ITC from the node incentive pool.
Node Recruitment

IoT Chain Node enters the process

IoT Chain Node Recruitment Rules

Staking: 100,000 ITC ≤ Staked Amount < +∞

Consensus Node Withdrawal

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/IoT_Chain
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