The IoT Chain MainNet Launch: Stage observation

Jan 2, 2019

Node Recruitment
Dear community and ITC holder,

Stage observation-based of IoT Chain MainNet officially launched on December 29, 2018,20:00 Beijing time (CST).
Node Recruitment

We are excited to announce that after 12 months of development, from modular architecture design to module-by-module implementation to inter-module chain tuning, the IoT Chain R&D team made a huge progress in line with the roadmap, at this point we smoothly entered the Stage observation-based of IoT Chain MainNet.

As a new generation of high-performance IoT public chain, IoT Chain has a complete distributed ledger and supports deploying smart contracts. During the Stage observation of main network, we are proud to announce that users can use the IoT Chain main network test token to experience IoT Chain transfer, search and other functions through the ITC wallet and also experience the IoT Chain blockchain browser.

IoT Chain Browser

ITC Wallet (Mobile)

ITC wallet will also support Stage observation-based of IoT Chain MainNet, this will give users the possibility to make use of the above mentioned functionalities! Users can use the ITC wallet to create multiple Ethereum wallet addresses, ITC wallet addresses, and freely manage IoT Chain main network token and ERC20 token.

Download ITC Wallet: https://iotchain.io/wallet.html

Desktop application (PC)

Developers can use the desktop application for smart contract deployment, wallet function operations, transaction queries, etc. For detailed tutorials, please check

《How to deploy smart contracts in the IoT chain test network》、 《How to install the local desktop wallet in MacOS》

MainNet token: ITC

ITC will not have any form of adding tokens or additional shares, the total token amount will remain at 100 million. The conversion of the ERC20 ITC token to the native ITC token of the IoT Chain main network will happen with a 1:1 ratio.
After communication with our mainstream exchanges, we plan to start the token exchange at 2019 Q1, we will give our users the possibility to choose whether to swap ERC20 ITC token through the ITC Wallet or the official exchanges listed on our website.

Follow the IoT Chain MainNet code on GitHub: https://github.com/c-block/jbok

IoT Chain Roadmap

2018 Oct. Released test network
2018 Dec. Launched the Stage observation-based of IoT Chain MainNet

Next steps

2019 Q1. Enter the main network Production environment & Token Swap
2019 Q2. Release of Developer Toolkit
2019 Q3. Optimize Main network performance

The IoT Chain MainNet launch is an important step in the construction of the IoT x blockchain ecosystem. It gives an unique opportunity for developers and users to participate in the ITC global chain ecological construction, and the ITC R&D team will continue to forge ahead. It's a pleasure to work with you all in order to create a safe and scalable public IoT chain for the Internet of Things!

Finally, we would like to thank our community partners, supporters, developers and participants! We are looking forward to new milestones in 2019, let's work together and create an amazing IoT blockchain ecosystem.

Telegram: https://t.me/IoTChain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IoT_Chain
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IoTChain/